Winter News: Hurt Party, Cloud Nine, New Merch, Valentine's Day Gifts & Events

Hi, Pink Tiger friends! It's been four months since my last update, when Cloud Nine was exclusively released at Barnes & Noble and I teased Hurt Party for the first time, and I have so much to talk about. Let's go!

❤️‍🩹 Hurt Party Kickstarter launch date is Feb. 13th 
🩵 Cloud Nine is now available everywhere
☁️ New merch featuring Cloud Nine and more
💘 My Valentine’s day gift picks
🐯 Events: GAMA Expo & NY NOW 

Hurt Party Launches February 13th

pink cake inspired game box

You're hearing it here first! The Hurt Party Kickstarter will launch on February 13th. The photos here are the latest Print & Play prototype, now with a cake-inspired box bottom, insert, rule book, and new brighter colors.

We had a terrible winter storm that postponed our Kickstarter video shoot, but once the ice and snow melted, we were able to film last Friday and are back on track. It was so fun seeing people play Hurt Party in front of the camera, I'm so excited to share the Kickstarter campaign with you soon.

So let’s make another game together: I can’t do it without you! If you haven’t already, please sign up to be notified when the campaign goes live.

 woman in full length mirror selfie with a brightly colored outfit on

brightly colored open card game box

Cloud Nine News

Cloud Nine goes to retail! After spending the holidays exclusively at Barnes & Noble, Cloud Nine: A Game of Wonderful Things is now making its way to your favorite-friendly local game stores everywhere, and available to buy directly through the Cloud Nine sitemy store, and Amazon

To celebrate, I’ve also added new Cloud Nine clothing in the merch section, so go have a look. You’ll find some special merch I haven’t announced yet!

three card game boxes with xoxo at the top of the photo

For Heart Day

I’ve always had a soft spot for Valentine’s Day, maybe because my birthday is two days before cupid strikes! I've heard over the years that my games make good Valentine's Day gifts, and I’d like to think there’s something here for any valentines, palentines, or galentines. Everything is available on Amazon in the Pink Tiger Games Store. Meaningful connections, here we go!

  • Flatter Me: A Compliment Battle Card Game has 250 unique compliments to bestow upon your sweet loved ones. And don’t forget you can also have a Compliment Party, the rules are on my website, as well as in the most current print run, so you can play with up to 8 players!
  • You Think You Know Me: A Conversational Card Game. Two different couples have told me they knew their relationship was the one, and got married faster because they were able to engage in deeper conversations with the help of You Think You Know Me! So be curious about the new people in your life, and stay curious when you think you know it all!
  • Lost for Words: A Game of Untranslatable Feelings. Inspired by how our brains process language and emotions, Lost for Words gets deep quickly so dive in to all the emotions and experiences with someone you’re close to. 

game box tilted open on a cake stand with party decorations 

Find Me!

I’ll be at two trade shows this winter, and keep an eye on social media for additional game events. 

  • February 4-7 in NYC: I'll be in the Bulletin Incubator section at the NY NOW gift show at the Javitz Center, booth #1291-IN
  • March 4-8 in Louisville, KY: GAMA Expo, booth #460

If you're at either show, come say hi!

 playing cards and party decorations

So much love & gratitude to you, and I’ll see you on Valentine’s Eve for the Hurt Party launch! 



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