Pink Tiger Games Mini Party Pack

The Pink Tiger Games Mini Party Pack collects sample cards from our game collection — You Think You Know Me, Flatter Me, Rabbit Rabbit, and Lost for Words — into a single portable party pack.

 You Think You Know Me

You Think You Know Me is a conversational card game for 2-10 players that playfully tests how well you know your friends, family, partners, or coworkers — a set of 500 cards helping you learn more about what they love and who they are. See the full rules on the You Think You Know Me website.

Flatter Me

Flatter Me is a compliment battle game, a collection of 250 unique compliments designed as a game for two players, or to be given away individually as tokens of care and friendship. See the full rules on the Flatter Me website.

Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit is a trivia card game of superstitions, myths, and folklore for 1-10 players, providing a peek into the stories told and passed down through the ages to make sense of a complicated world and to help us feel in control of our own destiny. See the full rules on the Rabbit Rabbit website.

Lost for Words

Lost for Words is a game to explore words from around the world that capture emotions and nuanced experiences to deepen our relationships and connections. With over 300 unique words from over 70 different languages, Lost for Words aims to broaden our vocabularies, as well as our emotional awareness. See the full rules on the Lost for Words website