Pink Tiger Games: Therapist Tools

Pink Tiger Games: Therapist Tools

Testimonials from therapists

Cloud Nine is such a fun game both as an individual and as a therapist. I have used it in sessions with families who are struggling to connect as a way to learn about what each other likes and talk about interests that they may otherwise never discuss. I have also used it with clients who struggle to talk about themselves or open up as a tool to not only join with my clients but also give them the opportunity to talk about positive things that they may otherwise have a difficult time identifying. I even had a client’s family buy the game because they enjoyed it so much! Cloud Nine is so much fun and a great unexpected tool for therapy!”
- Alaina, child and family therapist 

“As a therapist working in an intensive treatment setting, I frequently use Lost for Words to build connection and engagement with my patients. Groups ranging from preteens to adults seem to gravitate toward the game, and we use each card as an opportunity to delve deeper into the therapeutic process. I've witnessed so many significant moments as individuals forge a stronger understanding of one another through their unique stories and shared experiences. Every card sparks conversation - sometimes subtle, sometimes revelatory - and provides guidance for us to articulate our thoughts, develop insight, and communicate more meaningfully with one another.

(Side note: being a personal fan of Pink Tiger Games, I also use You Think You Know Me in family therapy sessions -- and it's incredible what family members learn about one another in the process!)”
- Stacey Leigh Spencer, marriage and family therapist

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