Cloud Nine digital proof, GAMA Expo, and more!

The digital proof of Cloud Nine has arrived, and I'm so happy to show you some photos! This is straight from my printer, the pre-production version that needs to be approved before mass production begins.

You'll see it's getting very close to how it will look in production, which will hopefully begin next month. 


We'll be making a few tweaks, but we're a little ahead of schedule at the moment, so I'm hoping that all will proceed smoothly.

Upcoming Events

If you work in the tabletop world, I'll be at GAMA Expo in Reno from April 24-27, and you can find me there both at PSi's booth #703 on the main expo floor, and additionally at booth #930 on Thursday during the First Time Exhibitor Showcase in the Naples Ballroom. 

On Monday the 24th, I'll be at the Media First Look event from 4pm-6pm in the Capri Ballroom and playing all FIVE of my games on Monday night from 9pm-12am also in the Capri Ballroom. Thursday night, April 27th, you can find me at PSi Game Night from 9pm-12am where I'll be giving out one of each of my games (minus Cloud Nine, of course) to the first people who ask and who are able to pick up at the end of the night!

Thank you so very much and I'll see you back here soon!


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